Friday, March 06, 2009

The Injury Line on Dancing With The Stars

Apparently the show will not go on for Jewel. Originally, her injury was listed as being a knee injury, most likely tendonitis.

Somebody got that one wrong. Apparently she has fractured both of tibias. Hence the collapse during her rehearsals.

The same is true for Nancy O'Dell. Apparently she ahs torn her meniscus and will require surgery.

Now this puts DWTS in a bit of a scramble. They apparently want to keep the number of couples up. However, they need somBlogger: Wandering Bell - Create Posteone who can be ready in a little less than a week (the premiere is March 9).

So who are they calling up from the bench to replace these two? Well rumors have it that Holly Madison is being courted to replace one of the injured ladies. Bridget Marquadt, Ms. Madison cohort and friend from The Girls Next Door, has apparently been telling people that this is a done deal.

All I can say is, whether it being Tony Dovolani or Dmitry Chaplin, they are going to have their work cut out for them. If you've watched The Girls Next Door, you'd see how... well coordinated would not be the right word to describe her... she truly is.

No word that I have seen as to who else will risk being the number two female replacement. my suggestion: Sharon Lawrence. Mrs. Angrybell is pulling for: Candace Olsen (of Divine Design fame).

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