Monday, March 30, 2009

More DWTS Madness (Or Who Will Be the Gimp This Week?)

Alright so the dreaded two dances (Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango) make their debut on the US version of Dancing with The Stars. Alright now dreaded, but maybe not the comfort zone for soem fo the professionals.

First up was David Alan Grier. I'm not that hot on him, but he came out with energy. A little hunched throughout the dance. I think that was his way of looking cartoony. He made a little mistake towards the last quarter of the adance but recovered nicely and made it look like he knew what was supposed to happen next. Not the best routine, but it was pretty good. And best of all, Carrie Ann can't play lift police! I'm not sure if he lost time, though I am sure he was confused at times and unsure what was to come next which may have made it look like he was. Or vice versa. The 22 was a little higher, but also Grier is in the awkward position of leading off with no one to be compared to.

The Bionic Booty of Lil Kim danced onto the floor next with Argentine Tango. And it looks like Hough's little problem of oh not knowing the dance didn't hamper them that much. Like Mrs. Angrybell said, I dont know the Argentine Tango, but she looks good. She is still shying away from being in close. She needs to trust that Derek is not there to cop a feel but is there to lead her through a dance routine. When she gets over that, she is going to be a force to be reconded with in this competition. Len may know the dance technically, but he seemed to come off a little too hard on Lil Kim. While I agree with Bruno about how much I liked the routine, a 10 was too high. Mrs. Angrybell disagrees and says that the 10 was right on. The problem is Grier's score might be too high which is causing the problem. But the 27 is the right total.

Chuck "Wussie Complainer" Wicks came out next to dance the Lindy with Julianne. Mrs. Angrybell says that Julieanne should find a Man and not a boy to date. The kicks and flicks looked good but not great, and he seems to be afraid to let those arms go out and be expressive. It was clean. I was bored. Carrie Ann and I go back to disagreeing. I think Wicks is not really a contender. He is riding Julianne's coattails and is unwilling to listen to her when it comes to the important part. 22 was a little high. Carrie Ann gave him an 8? What the Frak? Then there is Len's 7. Lil Kim clearly gave a better, cleaner routine, but he gave her only a point higher.

L.T. comes across as a little frustrated. Which is a problem, but I think he feels he should be progressing faster. One thing LT does well is look fierce and that is how he came out. It came across well, not as well as Lil Kim's routine. I think part of that had to do with him being a little tentative when he was doing some of the lifts. The score of 5 was way off base I thought. Len, really, is that the right score based on the scale you set for the night with the first dances? 19 was the total.

Then came my favorite cowboy (after a little technical screw up). Ty Murray and his partner Chelsie had the Lindy this week. I can see what Chelsie's strategy is: keep him throwing her up in the air so that he doens't have time to think about what he is going to do next. When she put him into the dancing, as opposed to the lifts, he got a little lost. But he pulled himself back in and got back in time. Interestingly, it looked like he stayed better in time when he was not in hold than when he was in hold. However, it was a step forward for him, again. This guy ever stops worrying and just does the dance, he could be a real threat to the front runners. 25 seemed a little high, but understandable because he keeps getting better. Mrs. Angrybell would have given him a 7. I would have given a 7 or 8.

Following that routine was the Woz and Karina. Woz What was Karina wearing? Has she been raiding Edyta's closet? I think what happened here was Karina pulled a routine out of her Achey Breaky days... and did most of the work while all Woz had to do was let her look good. The scores (12) were brutal, but probably right. But what the hell, vote Geek!

So now we have the couple with the biggest impediment: Carrie Ann hates them. Melissa and Tony came out looking like Tony and Minnie Mouse. I do not think that Mellissa was comfortable with this dance. She kept looking down all the time to chekc her ffeet in the begining. That lift that went and through the legs was impressive. The probelme was I think there was a little problem with the footwork. But all those lifts were impressive. And the result: Carrie let go of her dislike of them for a week. What's with the 10's this week? That routine was good but it was not a 10! Lil Kim got hosed! I still like her.

Now the Duchess of Grace herself has to do the Argentine Tango. Holly may be injured, and whining, but after she saw the doc it looked like she sucked it up. Why is it the Playboy girl is more manly than Chuck WIcks? Once again, her balance betrayed her. Mrs. Angrybell was shocked and dismayed by her lack of balance. Here is Holly's basic problem: she has moments of right on followed by disaster. The cycle repeats each time. The scores were correspondingly brutal with a 16. But they were right on.

Following that was Steve-O, the man who needs to go home. Dancing the Lindey, they looked scary in their costumes. Then they started to dance. Lacey was dancing. Steve-O was... doing something else. The lifts looked... not like lifts should look. But darn it all, he kept smiling. Mrs. Angrybell finally had a good thing to say about Lacey tho. She said "She's lost weight!" The scores were, once again, brutal. However, the 15 could have been worse. That routine was not that much better than Woz's.

After that... dance... came the surprisingly strong Giles and Cheryl. They were dealt the Argentine Tango. And once again, he showed why he's been getting the high scores. Yes, he is not like the male professionals, but of the men who have done the tango on the show, he looked the crispest, he looked like he was in character, and damned if it almsot didn't look like he was leading the dance instead of just remembering a routine. Like Len says, the dance is a mix. There were quicks, there were slows, there was hard, and there was soft. If people don't vote to keep this guy in, then they don't like seeing good work rewarded. The perfect 30... maybe a point too high, but that dance was clearly better than all the others. Lil Kim's dance in comparison was good, but she is just not there yet.

Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas were the ones who were left to answer the challenge. Their outfits were as scary as Steve-O and Lacey. However, they looked a whole lot better. As Mrs. Angrybell said "Richard Simmonds meets Buddy Holly". This was a fun dance and they made it look fun. And the way she does a flip and lift with Mark Ballas, its like she's saying "This is so much easier than what Im used to." Interestingly, the biggest mistake was made by Mark, when he messed up his little roll over her. The 25 was the right score, and should have put them closer to the top, but the stupid scoring was out of whack.

Alright, so has anything changed? Not really. Shawn Johnson/Mark Ballas and Giles Marini/Cheryl Burke remain the head fo the class. Ty and Lil Kim are getting better. Steve-O and Chuck just need to go.

My perfect DWTS double elimination? You guessed it: Steve-O and Chuck going home.

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