Monday, March 23, 2009

More of My Madness - Monday's Dancing With the Stars

First up is Denise Richards and Maksim, neither of whom looks very good in their outfit. What is up with her hair this week? Please, let me get rid of the image of Maksim in the hot pink. Its wrong!!! So on to the dance. They got screwed on the song. This just is not a great samba song. Mrs. Angry is very agraid by what she is seeing. I have to agree. This dance for Richards was a bit of a ... disaster. She kept mising steps, getting off time, and over thinking the whole thing. Len obviously felt the same way and was just very, very nice in not really mentioning the dance to Denise.

A samba should look like:

The scores for Denise were fair, totaling 16. It was a mess of a routine.

Next up was Chuck and Julianne. Can people remember that they are not supposed to be voting Julianne? So far Chuck has showed just about nothing other than he was not as bad as some of the others. They drew the foxtrot. Not an easy dance, but he did not help himself with the start. His posture could use some work. Mrs. Angrybell was giving him kudos for looking like he was trying. Then threw in a lift. It was cleaner than his last couple of dances. But he is still schmo. I have to disagree with Carrie Ann. He has had one

Another good foxtrot from seasons past was Helio and Julianne.

The scores were a little high. It was good, but two 8's? Really? Mrs. Angrybell is still not convinced that he is more than a flash in the pan.

Following Chuck and Julianne was Holly and Dmitri, doing the samba. Anyone who has seen the Girls Next Door will know this i not a coordinated girl. Mrs. Angrybell, who loves HOlly, calls her the Kenny Mayne of women. Then she got on the floor do her dance. It started off a bit rough but it seemed to get better as it went. Not clean but there were times when she seeemd to be right on, then she woudl start to over think it over. Another problem was that she was missing hip movement too much. Was it really necessary to beat up on her more Carrie Ann for that lift? The 17 was a little (should have been an 18) low.

Then came Mrs. Angrybell's least favorite couple: Steve-O and Lacey. The dance started off nice and then about mid-way through he started to lose time. Now what I am wodnering is if he did not do something to his back midway through the routine because when they did the final bit, he winced pretty big in pain. I have to agree with Len, it looked like a proper foxtrot (who the hell choreographed it because I cannot believe that Lacey had a hand in it). The 15 was a little low, but then again, he did shoot himself in the foot by getting lost in the routine.

Coming up after that routine, Edyta and LT were dancing the samba. Let's see if it paid off giving up his golf game. Right out the shoot, they are the first couple to get a good Samba song. Mrs. Angrybell is thinking that LT has natural rythym which is going to help him. He was a little too flat footed in places but he was hitting the steps in time. By the end of the dance, Mrs. Angrybell was comparing him favorably with Warren Sapp. I agree with Len more than the other two, he does need some more hip movement.

And here is Sapp's performance from last season.

The scores were a little low (a 6 Len? Really? You gave Holly and Denise 6's!!!!) Mrs. Angrybell calls Bogus!

And once again, just before 9 p.m., Shawn and Mark came out to dance the foxtrot. Who did this to Shawn? I mean really, did they have to try and dress her like she is Edyta? She has a different body but that dress just made her look awful. Once again, it looked great. Mark Ballas should be thanking his starts that he hasn't drawn a Cloris Leachman yet. Three nines later, and no one in the Angrybell household is surpsied.

Following Shawn and Mark came Giles and Cheryl. Can he do three routines in a row with the Samba this week? Mrs. Angrybell;s reaction was "There are not too many men who can do that and not look fegeleh." I would have to agree. He had hip movement. His footwork was good and he obviously listening to what Cheryl is teaching him. Shawn through down her 27, Giles effectively said, "here's mine".

Next up is one my lesser favorite people: David Allan Grier (partnered with one my favorites Kym Johnson). Dancing the foxtrot, they came out with a bit of flash. He has the rise and fall going at times but his problem is that he is not hitting the heel leads. Some nice open dancing, but I'm wondering if Len is going to be a little dissappointed that they were so much in open. Mrs. Angrybell said "There were moments when he is ok." The score was confusing though. Yes it was a better routine than the previous ones. However, he scored a 24.

Then the Woz and Karina took the floor with a bum hamstring. Alright, I gotta say, he is gutting through the pain. Mrs. Angrybell is asking, "Where is legal? Where is the insurance people?" The actual routine looks like ist was painful for hm. They got a good song, which sometimes helps, since it looks like he was having fun even tho he was in so much pain. The catch at the end was... yeah. But he did do the worm. This week, he was channelling Cloris Leachman. Really, a 10 was just mean.

After that... samba... Melissa and Tony came out to dance the foxtrot. It was good, but it was not as good as Shawn's. It felt just a little off on the footwork (thanks Len for confirming my feeling). Tony had the look of "Are you out to get me AGAIN Carrie Ann?" And I have to agree with him. And the scores? A little higher than I thought. The 27 is the high mark for this show. She should have been 1 or 2 points behind Shawn Johnson and Giles Marini.

Lil Kim then rolled onto the floor with Derek to do the samba. And she stepped out in the other half of Edyta's outfit. Have to say, she went for it after a while. It was a little slow on hte start but at about ht emid point, she turned those hips loose and it started to look a lot better. The score was a little high, but since they were inflating Melissa's score it was right where it should be.

The final couple of the night were Ty Murray and Chelsea Hightower. Now this was a routine that marred by Chelsea and her dress. It looked like that was what was taking her down. Other than the little mess up in the last quarter of the dance. His posture was good, if not great, and there were times when he not the most musical at times. However, he was the one making the saves on the professional. Chelsea is doing a remarkable job with a guy who came from absolutely nothing in dance terms. The scores were just about dead on with two 8's and a 7.

Best of the week: Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas and Giles Marini and Cheryl Burke.

Breathing down their necks: Mellisa Ryecroft and Tony Dovolani (she's good but she's just not
there ... yet).

Ones to watch out for: Lil Kim and Ty Murray. Lil Kim has that somethign going on there. Ty Murray is quitly probably the most competitive guy out there. He has this look of "I may be going down, but I'll be damned if I make it easy to be voted off."

Who deserves your votes: Ty Murray and The Woz. Seriously, these two guys deserve better than what they are probably getting right now.

Who deserves to go: Steve-O. Please. Really. Don't vote for him.

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