Monday, March 16, 2009

This Weeks Insanity (Or the injury list keeps growing)

Really, he goes to rehab and becomes a pansy? What could have sidelined Steve-O? The freakin Salsa? Are you for real? This on top of Woz picking up an injury and all I can say is this bunch is a bunch of pansies.

But first up was Holly Madison. First off, when you dance like she does, and claims dancing as a hobby, then its time to rethink what your hobbies are. Now the quick step she put on, when you think about it, it wasn't that bad for someone who has less than two weeks of training. Yes, she was a little behind, and she needs some help with her frame. However, there have been quick steps in previous years that made this one look like a masterpiece. That being said, it was not an ok quickstep. The 18 was fair.

Next on the chopping block was David Alan Greer and Kym Johnson. Watching the montage, I get the feeling that he is a little confused on who should be calling the shots in choreographing the routines at this point. Watching the routine it was a little more clear. He needs to progress to the more advanced stuff when Kym thinks he's ready. Bruno was brutal, but he was right on. Perhaps what should have been done was making it a little more basic to allow Greer to show off a bit more rhythm. Personally, I would have scored it an 18, not a 17.

Now comes Denise Richards. Relaxing with Maksim cannot be easy in the first place. The dance looked... off. I felt like she was off a little. On the other hand, maybe it was I didn't like the song for that dance. Was it an improvement? Yes, but I don't think it was the quantum improvement that the judges saw. Then again I'm just a guy with a keyboard. The 21 was fair.

Then comes Belinda Carlisle and Jonothan. Apparently Belinda is the first to piss off the costuming department. I mean really, she is an ttractive cougar. Why did they have to put her in something to emphasizes the wrong parts of her. Big problem in this dance for her: hip action. Gotta give her credit tho for that handstand at the end. Coming in with an 18, that's not too bad.

Following the cougar, came the King of the Cowboys. Ty Murray came out and missed the high five from Chelsea. Good song for them. THen they got into the dance proper. And you know what, it was not that bad. He seemd to be going where he should be. And doing it with the right steps. And looking like he had a little more rhythm. The ending combination was a little flubbed. But that was a huge improvement even with the little errors. Len was just wrong there. He gave Holly a 6 for a routine that had more problems. The 20 was low. Too bad for Ty, this week you got robbed.

And just before 9 p.m. we had Shawn Johnson coming up to do the Salsa. Feet going where they should go, but there is a distinct lack of hip action. She is getting some, but not getting it consistently. This is something she needs to work on, otherwise, she is going to get hit every time she does a latin dance. Otherwise, it was fun to watch.

Then the Woz had his Quickstep. He has a broken foot but he gets out there trying. And it was... not bad. He was a little off. He almost dropped Karina. But it wasn't a bad routine considering what happened last time. He pulled a 17. Not bad for him.

Next up comes Chuck and Julianne. I'm wondering who brow beat who into doing this competition. So its the Salsa, and the hip action was sorta there. Otherwise, I'm wathcing it thinking, why is this guy even out there. Julianne was great. Chuck was.. not so much. Bruno hit the nail right on the head "She did all the work". And I agree with Carrie Ann, it didn't feel like Chuck was dancing a salsa. The score of 20 has the Julianne inflation there.

During the LT montage, it felt like I was watching someone who would keep doing the practice until someone's feet fell off. THen of course came the routine with Edyta. Edyta was wearing the most clothes I've ever seen her in, with the most demure slit she's worn to date. Overall, the routine looked good. The major problem: Carrie Ann and the lift police. Surprisingly, she did not ding him, although it almost looks like Len did. Len's 6 was little picky. Overall, 20 was fair.

Then there was the Steve-O mishap. Making "television history". Famous last words. The 14 was ... ugly but so was the routine. Mrs. Angrybell finally had something nice to say about Lacey, saying she liked her outfit. History has been made.

Then we get Lil Kim, who so far I'm enjoying. Derek has his work cut out for him on this one, because its hip hiop meets Ballroom. There were times it looked like she was losing her posture, but then she seemed to correct herself. The footwork was not too bad especially since Derek seemed to throw some interesting moves at her. The thing she needs to really work on in the smooth dances is that she has to get in on Derek's hip and just live there. The 23 was a bit of surprise, since I thought Len was going to only give her a 6.

Then we had the final dances. First up was Melissa Ryecroft and Tony. I'm not sure if Tony knows what to do with a non-cougar in front of a camera. They got a good song. Hip movements are not going to be Ryecroft 's downfall. She then throws in a lef lift that is almost a dare to Edyta. Towards the end it started to fall apart musically. Otherwise, I thought it was a great routine (at least for this season). Bruno needs a cold shower. Mrs. Angrybell felt that the 9's were excessive. I think it should have been 8/8/9. Instead, it was 9/8/9.

Batting clean up was Giles Marini and Cheryl. Dancing the quickstep with a separated shoulder. And to show he had it, he peeled off the shirt. Hmmmm. Mrs. Angrybell and I have the same question: Has he danced before? This routine looked very good, even if they gave him a horrible color scheme for the Superman song. The men have a clear standard bearer for the time being, and he's a frenchman. The scores were bang on: 27.

So the favorites are now clear: Giles-Cheryl and Shawn-Mark.

The dark horses: Melissa-Tony and Lil Kim-Derek. Depending on what happens, you might get LT, but I'm not sure he is going to have the staying power to be there all the way through to the end.

The upside of it all: Steve-O and Lacey will be gone soon. Give the Woz your votes. He's having fun and he's definitely not a whiner.

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