Monday, March 09, 2009

My Madness Begins Again... Dancing With The Stars Starts Once Again

Worst Carrie Ann line (to Chuck) " You are the most graceful man we have". Did she missed where he almost fell twice because his balance is so godawful?

That comment was almost surpassed by Carrie Ann's comment (to Holly) that she knew how to shake her hips.

Biggest surprise: Cheryl and Giles. He followed her teaching. He had almost manly hands.

Then came the replacements. First up was Holly, perhaps the least coordinated of the Girls Next Door. The best I can say: she did not fall. However, with only 5 days notice, there has been worst. There may be hope, but its not looking good for Ms. Madison.

Now I have to pay a little tribute to my favorite cowboy right now: Ty Murray. His whole demeanor says "I can't believe I let my wife talk me into this and now she's bailed on me!" His dancing screams that he suffers from white-man'sitis. Totally out of his comfort zone, it wasn't great but there were times when he let loose and had some fun there. I'm pretty sure that Holly has her partner in the bottom two next week.

Then there was Shaun Johnson. No surprises. Still the favorite.

Karina, wow. You had a big guy there with little dance experience going for the first time and you put him out in open? Could you make his first time a little harder. Woz, however, seemed game. Some of it actually looked like the Cha-Cha-Cha. Hopefully some of the stiffness will go away.

David Alan Grier and Kym were nice. Boring I guess. They got caught by the lift police.

And then on to Maksim and Denise. Apparently Ms. Richards is going to be crier this season. And as Mrs. Angrybell said "She had more time than Holly but they look about equivalent." I have to agree. She looked lost and tentative. Although Bruno insists that there is something deep down, I'm think its the depth of a puddle. Scores were very generous.

Then there was the second repalcement. Melissa Ryecroft came out and started well. There were some rough patches and she obviously told not to worry too much about the rise and fall. Still, for someone who got the first lesson for this routine on Saturday. I'm curious to see what she will do with a full week of training. Carrie Ann's comments about "just being out there" were just weird and not necesary. I'm starting to wonder if she is on something. The scores seemed to based more on her being so willing to jump in at the last mintue.

Yes there were some other dances that I did not really talk about. Lil Kim was fun. Belinda could use some work. L.T. ... the les said the better. Steve-O, I kind of hope goes home early because I don't like his partner.

So in sum:

Favorite: Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas.
Should be there in the final four: Giles Marini and Cheryl, Melissa Rycroft and Tony, David Alan Grier.

Surprise of the night: Giles Marini.

Who needs to go: Denise Richards (She cries, she can't dance well, and basically is just annoying) and Steve-O (Sorry but I'm not a Lacey fan).

Who I'd like to see stick around: Holly Madison and Steve Wozniak. They both seem game for it.

Mrs. Angrybell thoughts: Denise Richards needs to go the way of the Dodo. David Alan Grier got hosed.

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