Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chris Daly - Hypocrite

I like how Chris Daly, a supervisor in my fair city, who seems more than willing to go to the extremes for his supposed "ideals" has decided that they really do not apply when it comes to his family. Apparently, he has moved his wife and two children into a home which he and his wife purchased in Fairfield, California. Apparently, he did this in April.

So apparently, Supervisor Daly has joined the party of "Do as I say, not as I do". I'm just curious as to how long its going to be before there is an investigation into whether Daly meets the residency requirement. It seems clear to me that if your family (i.e. wife and kids) live in another town, then how can you argue that you truly live in San Francisco unless you have actually separated from them? A quick check of the San Francisco Superior Court's online records do not indicate that any divorce proceedings have been initiated. So....

Shall I mention Ed Jew?

Oh wait, that's right, he's the person with power. And person in power supported by the "right" people who fights against the "bad" people.

And according to Supervisor Daly, this isn't an indictment of the city's schools, of the livability for families, or anything else. Its a matter of what's best for the kids and having multigenerational support.

Of course, to me it looks clear that he has fled the city and is just commuting to work. Personally, I don't think commuters should be city supervisors of cities they don't actually live in anymore.


Chris said...

Seems like all that needs to be done is to check the mortgage papers to see if he told the lien holder if this was his primary residence. If he told the lender it is his primary residence then he is now no longer an SF resident. Also, if he told them that it was his primary residence and he is still claiming SF residency to the public, then he is guilty of mortgage fraud.

AngryBell said...

I see a road trip to the Solano County hall of records or assessors office!

Denise said...

Chris Daly has always been an elisitist hypocrite.