Saturday, July 25, 2009

What the hell were the organizers of the Jewish Film Festival thinking?

Was it really a good idea to put in a movie celebrating Rachel Corrie as a martyr of the terrorist movement? Let's be clear: this woman was defending terrorists. She intentionally ran and got in front of a moving bulldozer which she knew had a limited field of view due to it being a combat bulldozer with an armored driver's cab. She died.

And in the process became another poster-child for the terrorists to use as part of their propaganda attack against Israel. Her parents have been willing participants in this, allowing their grief to file meritless actions in federal court over this case. Apparently their work in publicizing the terrorist side of the arguement has found such favor that when the Corrie's were targeted for kidnapping by Arab militants in the West Bank, the plan was scotched because of who they were and, presumbaly, what they had been doing to help the terrorist movement.

The SF Jewish Film Festival argued that this was a movie worth being shown because the film shows "new information about the incident which we believe makes for very worthwhile viewing, from both a journalistic and an aesthetic perspective."

Let's be clear about something. Under the best version of events, Corrie is responsible for why she died. Even Corrie's ISM cohorts, in their statements, say that she got in front of a moving bulldozer. That she climbed up on the earth pile as the bulldozer was pushing it forward and then got caught up in the pile of earth and against the blade, which they say caused her death.

Of course, I doubt any of those ISM boobs have ever driven a bulldozer. It's not like a car. It does not stop on a dime. And the fact that she ran forward onto the pile as it was being moved, under their version of events, shows that this was an irresponsible, reckless woman who unfortunatley died.

Personally, I feel sorry for the driver of the D9R. He never meant to kill her. But he gets to live with it. Corrie's parents, the ISM, and the terrorists, however, have use her as a martyr for their cause. To paint Israel as some evil entity who crushes people with bulldozers.

Thanks San Francisco Jewish Film Festival for helping to publicize her plight. Maybe next year you can add Jud Suss to the rotation and have John Ubele come and give a talk about.

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