Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Thoughts on The Volga Front

So as I mentioned in my last post, I'm stuck in Stalingrad-type case. Mrs. Angrybell, while she was feeding AngryBabybell was looking at one of the motions they filed for attorneys fees. This was her comment:

For the amount of money their spending on this case, they could have just put a hit out on your client and saved some money. The economy the way it is, I'm sure they could have found someone to do it for less.
In other news, we had another hearing in this case today. The other side lost this rather minor hearing. But on the up side... it made them cry. Really. The opposing counsel was waiting for the elevator trying to hide the fact she was crying.

Yes, I know it makes me sound like I'm awful, but I loved seeing my opposing counsel with tears leaking out of her eyes as she stomped off. Mrs Angrybell, however, was just disgusted by it all. Not by me, but at the female opposing counsel for making women attorneys look bad.

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