Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Commissioner Ya Got There In The NFL

Almost as good as ole Bud Selig. At least Selig hasn't caved and reinstated Pete Rose.

Apparently Roger Goodell reinstated Michael Vick today. Michael Vick, as you may remember, was once a respected member of the community and the NFL. Then we all discovered that he was really the master of a dog fighting ring that he helped operate out of his home.

So the NFL suspended him indefinitely. At the time, Commissioner Goodell stated that before Vick could be reinstated, he would have to show remorse for his actions. Somehow, Vick has shown remorse. I guess all it takes these days is a few press conferences and amending your pleading which you submitted to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

As for actual demonstration that he is a changed person after his imprisonment, there is very little to commend him. Apparently he has done some volunteer work with the Boys and Girls Club in the Hamptorn Roads, Virginia area. There has been some talk that he may do something for Humane Society. But apparently, that's all he's been able to do in the two plus months since he was released from prison.

Yet, today, Commissioner Goodell ended Vick's suspension.

Let's be clear about something here: Vick engaged in cruelty and torture for sport. Some have suggested that what he did is no worse than boxing promoters. I take issue with that since the two are apples and organes. In one case, the victim has no choice. In the other, the participant chooses to be part of something. Vick's participation in a dogfighting ring demonstrated that his moral character is something less than the people who profitted by writing loans they knew were bad during the housing boom and something slightly better than a traitor or mutineer.

Good job Commissioner Goodell for taking a principled stand and letting back in someone as deserving, as remorseful, as Michale Vick. Congratulations on taking the easy way out and giving someone as repugnant as Mr. Vick the chance to earn at least $745,000.00 and the chance to show kids that all is forgiven for engaging in such cruel acts.

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