Friday, July 24, 2009

More on the Hypocrite... errr I mean Supervisor Daly

So not content to just say, "Yah, I'm a do as I say not as I do" type of guy, Chris Daly has decided to open his mouth and insert his foot.

Apparently, first reports from the other day was that he had only bought one house. Oops, he and his wife have bought two. They are living in one and renting out the other. That also leaves them with the condo they have in San Francisco.

As for whether he is betraying his constituency by fleeing to the suburbs, as well as making a mockery of all the "principled" stances that our enfant terrible of the Board of Supervisors has taken during his time in office, Supervisor Daly has instead stated, "I understand this doesn't exactly fit the messaging in terms of my political agenda, but I also don't think contradictory, it's really a tangent - I think the story has been hyped[.]"

Really? Is that what it is?

Let's see. One of the few things I admire about Supervisor Daly is his commitment to rent control. I sometimes think he goes to far, but the alternative is worse. However, its interesting to note that his rental property is in a non-rent control jurisdiction.

But of course, I bet that had nothing to do with his decision to buy income property in that location. After all, its all about his kids.

Not yours.

Of course, even though it was for his kids, he insists that it was not because of the school situation.

Supervisor Daly, tell the truth. I think I see your pants smoking.

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