Friday, March 31, 2006

Alrighty this week is down

And this has not been one of my most successful weeks as an attorney. Other than my one good hour at the courthouse, when I was there for settlement confernces, I have been pretty much awful.

What have I done wrong?

I managed to screw up a proof of service. (Time go back and redo my blank one)
I have made glaring errors in drafting a complaint, which fortunately were caught prior to going out, but still terrible nonetheless.
I cannot seem to bill properly so that my clients do not get cranky (Fortunately not a matter of over billing, a matter of language)

In addition to all that, I have managed to completely make a mess of my time management. I am neither working efficient nor timely.

While there may be worse attorneys out there, this week, I'm not sure there were that many between me and the bottom.

Time to go back through and rip it all apart and start it again.

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