Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Silly Law Suit of the Day

As I was reading the TortsProf Blog today, I saw his bit on the latest (and in my opinion, silliest) lawsuit. Apparently 9 people are suing Clay Aiken's record company because they are claiming that company, and others, "engaged in collusion to prevent public disclosures they believed might be harmful to their product." They go on to state that the album is a defective product.

So is like the Sony CD's from last year, which left a little gift for any user who popped it into their computer? Are Clay Aiken's CD's forcing others to have to listen to his musical stylings against his will?

Apparently, its far more insidious. Apparently, people purchased the albums believing he was "a virginal, asexual character..." and that he was a wholesome pop act. Packaged of course, quite blatantly by the nice people at Fox and American Idol, yet they now feel duped.

And the great crime that Mr. Aiken has alleged to have committed? Apparently, it is alleged, by such an esteemed publication as the National Equirer, that Mr. Aiken is, of all things, gay. (And suddenly I am reminded of this song from Avenue Q). People complain about cases clogging up the system. Unlike a majority of cases, this one is just silly.

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