Sunday, March 26, 2006

Notes on Wedding Planning

So as some of you may know, I recently proposed to my girlfriend, making her my fiancee (yikes!).

Anyways, we have been looking this weekend and last for places to get married. And the one thing that I am firmly able to say is that she is definitely a Coach/Burberry/Channel girl and I am definitely a Target guy and this wedding is going to be expensive.

For example, I would be happy with DJ. She wants a 8 piece swing band (who are really good). I don't particularly care where the wedding takes place. She wants some "va-voom" cachet attached to it. I just want to make sure there are functional, comfortable chairs. She keeps talking about special ordering Chiavari chairs (whatever those are. I think I spelled it correctly, so I get points).

I think I may just stop looking at my bank account and just assume that as of now it reads zero or less until this all over. It will make things a lot easier for me.

Now if she will just decide on which place we will spend all the money, and when, I can start telling my guys when the bachelor party will be.

So there is an upside to this... I guess.

P.S. I do love her.

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