Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Damn You TiVO

So my fiancee decided we needed, absolutely had to have, TiVO. So I said ok.


So we then went and got TiVO at a large, big box store where we were informed that the new TiVO systems did not require a phone. Which is perfect because all I have is a broadband connection, having ditched my landline years ago.

And that is where the trouble started. Apparently, it was not loaded with the new system software. Which meant we had to take it to a place where there was a landline.

Which we did. Only to find out that it required 4 to 8 HOURS!!!!!! How convenient of the help people at TiVO to omit that part.

So what should have taken one session and perhaps waiting an overnight, is now going on to its third session of set up. Thanks alot.

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