Monday, March 20, 2006

Is $77.50 worth $25,000?

It is when you are keeping your promise.

Robbie Linton used to be an oil field worker. Then he was injured. He navigated the worker compensation system with the help of a six person law firm now known as Wellborn Houston. At the end of the case, the partner representing Mr. Linton gave him a letter explaining what his rights were. It also said that if he needed further help with this matter, that he was to come back to Wellborn Houston and they would help him.

Eventually, the insurance company, which under the ruling from the workers comp case was supposed to cover his prescriptions, started to deny him coverage for his medication. The total in denials was only $77.50. But when he could not get it resolved with the insurance company, Mr. Linton took the letter his old attorney had given him and returned to Wellborn Houston.

As the article comments lawyers are accused of being greedy, but apparently the attorneys at the firm, who it appears have been hired since Linton's orignal case, know how to honor a promise. They took the case to verdict, expending almost $25,000.00 to do so, to honor the promise. There's a couple of mensches there.

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