Friday, March 24, 2006

Interesting article of today

Over at the Wall Street Journal's site, there is an intersting article about lawyer's blogging. The author, Cameron Stracher, tries to explain why so man lawyers have taken to blogging. He writes,

In the dark hours, writing seems like a natural escape. It's what most lawyers
do (when they're not reviewing documents), and though blogging is very
different from drafting a prospectus, it's lose enough to fool many lawyers into trading one form of verbiage for another. Writing a blog can also be done in secret, on your own time (or during office hours if you're careful), and it is potentially lucrative (if you can get some ads or make a name for yourself). For many lawyers, writing is also their true love, a dream they had before financial concerns and parental pressure drove them into drudgery. Some turn to nonfiction, hoping to transform their legal meanderings into punditry. Others (myself included) seek to channel their inner McInerney by penning the next great American novel, or at least a best seller.

Anyways, kind of an interesting quick read. Back to my drugdery. Its name is a meet and confer letter from hell.

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