Thursday, July 20, 2006

Busy Day

So I've had a really busy day. And its not all contract work! Yay!

In addition to working on one of the cases I contracted on, it looks like I've picked up two new clients that are personal to me. (A new record for me!).

One of them I picked up from the local bar's referral program. This person would be about 20th person they have sent over. They are also the only one who can afford my low fee panel rates (they've all been from the low fee panel.). However, I have noticed something about the people they refer over to me. I need a little longer to investigate out if it is just coincidence or perhaps it says something about the type of client they think of me when it comes time to do the referrals.

The other one came via my advertisement. And it looks like an interesting issue.

More on both of these cases if they start to merit commentary on the issues.

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Sidebar-for the other half said...

Glad you're getting some business!