Monday, July 03, 2006

House's First Rule

What is House's First Rule? Anyone? Anyone?

The answer is: everyone lies.

This includes the clients. This includes the client I have just picked up from the VLSP. Its not that he is lying about the facts. Its that he says things like... I answered that.

When he did not.

So I got to scramble today. And by scamble I mean hit the buses just right, hotfoot it down the hospital where he was just admitted with a variety of problems. Then run like hell to catch a bus, grab my car, drive the last 4 miles cross town to my client's place to search for his answers. Then to get the documents, revamp them into legal english, as opposed to english english, and then get him to verify them by driving all the way across town. Finishing with a drop in the post box.

How did I forget House's first rule?

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