Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CNN at it Again

About two weeks ago, I ranted about CNN's fondness for terrorist groups. Apparently, I was not that far off. Over at Newsbusters (who I don't always agree with), there is this piece on Nic Robertson, one of CNN's reporters for the conflict, admitting that a recent piece where he was given a guided tour by a Hezbullah terrorist press officer was perhaps.. well... stage managed by Hezbullah for the media. Of course, bein the experienced, senior international correspondent, he apparently did not notice any of it at the time.

In a more general vein, when did reporters stop thinking for themselves? Are they subscribing to the Colbert Report's rule, that all real journalism occurs by taking press briefings and press releases and editing them for presentation to the public, without realizing that that Colbert and his writers were making a joke?

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