Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Way to Go Mom!

Alright, this was not done by my mother, but I could see my mother doing this and more in similar circumstances.

Apparently, the RIAA decided to target Debbie Foster and her daughter Amanda for illegal copying and downloading of copyrighted music. They filed suit and made an offer to settle the case for $5000.

Debbie Foster, however, did not cave in. Instead, she fought back and demanded (most likely in discovery) that the RIAA show her when and which files were allegedly downloaded through her internet account. When the RIAA failed to produce the evidence, she filed a motion for summary judgment. Realizin that they were in a losing situation, RIAA apparently moved to dismis the case rather than lose at summary judgment.

The Court granted the dismissal, and then went a step further stating that Ms. Foster was the prevailing party. This means that Ms. Foster may now apply for her attorney's fees to be paid by the RIAA.

(Hat tip to Recording Industry v. The People for the order and other background on the case.)

The rule from childhood comes back: don't piss off a mom!

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