Monday, July 24, 2006

The Ladies of the Weekend

A little background on me is needed for this post. I have been an AC/DC fan since sophmore year of highschool. I at one point, prior to a disastrous trip for interviews during law school, had all the albums. When they come around on my playlist or on the radio, my head instinctually starts moving. However, because of absolutely bad planning on the parts of my science teachers in high school, race officials in college, and law professors in general, I have managed to miss them everytime they have been on tour near me.

So my fiancee decided that it had to be remedied, espcially after she set her ring tone for her new phone to Thunderstruck (she could not find Hell's Bells). Unfortunately, AC/DC is not touring in the States right now, so she found the next best thing: AC/DShe.

On Saturday night, we went, and the show rocked (even according to my fiancee who is not a fan, or was not until after the show.) If you get the chance to see this tribute band, you should.
Both Bonnie Scott and Agnes Young were spot on and captivating during a loud, impressive, and rocking 90-minute set that covered the Bon Scott era. If the lead singer had been born a little bit later, I'd swear she was Bon Scott reincarnated.

So if you have a need to fill, let them do it. You will not be dissappointed!

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the tribute band "Helle's Belles?" I haven't heard them personally but some AC/DC fan friends of mine said they rock.