Monday, November 09, 2009

After a week off, the Madness is back (DWTS Recap)

Five couples left. A couple of them fighting the flu (including apparently Karina Smirnoff).

The Samantha Harris hair report: hair department likes her this week. Maybe she slippped them a fifty or three.

Mya and Dmitri pulled leadoff duty with their quickstep. Len doesn't like gimmicks. Dmitri loves gimmicks. Mya is falling for Dmitri's nonsense. This could backfire. Nice outfit. Did they miss a hand hold at the beginning? It looked awkward. They were a little off in the kicks and flicks. Nice, she's doing heel leads, not just dancing on her toes. She is dancing a little away from him, which she hasn't done lately. Posture seems to be pretty good. Fairly un-gimmicky. I guess they are saving those for their second dance. A 29, pretty good on the scoring, but I don't think it was perfect.

Aaron and Karina followed that up with a foxtrot. Too bad that Aaron comes across as a whiner. Stop saying you haven't shown what you can do. Just do it already. Too bad she was sick this week. I'm not wild about the outfit, but they got a good song for this. Wow, there were a few heel leads in there, but he is fighting to do it. The side by side spins did not look so good. The longer this goes on, the less confident he is with his steps and causing him to dance on his toes more than leading with his heels and its making this look a little off. If I hadn't watched the intro bit, I'd have thought that it was Aaron who was sick this week. Bruno was right, the flow was not there. And when all else fails, Carrie Ann finds a lift to criticize. The dance was an 8, but the lift police had to find something wrong. 23.

Joanna and Derek were in the three spot dancing the quickstep. She is not flowing, they are a little off. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that her boob almost come out? (She also suggests a bra, I'm saying maybe some double stick tape.) They are off time. She is trying so hard, but they are just not on each other. Her footwork is not going well and she is trying to cover it but its not working too well. Plust they are not flowing from move to move. Len was dead on, again. I have no idea what Carrie Anne was trying to say, I think she was speaking in English. Bruno is a bit more diplomatic. I think this could be a 7. The 23 was kinda generous.

Kelly and Louis drew their first ballroom dance, foxtrot. Mrs. Angrybell thinks her dogs are adorable and wants one. She seems more at ease doing this dance than she has in the last few weeks. Her frame needs to be just a bit tigheter. You cna tell she is enjoying herself. Mrs. Angrybell wants to play poker against her. Nice dip and spin, or vice versa, but you know what I am talking about. That was great. That may have been her best dance in the last few weeks, if not of this season. Len picked up on the fact that she was dancing mostly on her toes. 25, good score.

Donny and Kym were the tail end charlies of the ballroom, dancing the Viennese Waltz. Kym has a better outfit this week (or as Mrs. Angrybell says "not a band-aid and a g-string"). Too bad this song is kinda lame. This looks much better than the Joanna and Derek's routine. There is some nice light and shade going on in this. Nice open, they are in synch. He is on his toes too much, and Len's been wathcing that tonight. I love Len's comment, "too arty farty". The scores were fair, 26.

Now for round two. And an intermezzo with the pros. And then the preview from the judges. I know Len's British... but that tie and shirt combo is ... wow... something else.

Mya is way too happy to do a 70s themed samba. Oh my G-d... Dmitri with the porn star stash. Wow. Mrs. Angrybell wonders if Dmitri has raided her father closet for that shirt. Alright, I know this is supposed to be 70s themed, but I almost get the feeling I am watching hustle routine for the first half. Alright, they loved it. Mrs. Angrybell loved it. I was like... eh. It was good, but it just didn't do it for me. The way that they are talking, I think we will see the first 10s of the season. 30. First of the season.

Aaron and Karina had to follow up the perfect score with the 90s Samba. Nie opening move. Two princes, definitely 90s song. He is enjoying himself on this one. Feels very sharp, but maybe not enough bounce. And where did those leg warmers come from? That is 80s. Nice and on step in the side by side. I liked this one better than Mya's. For all that, they earned a 27. I think they got hosed on that call.

Future Joanna and Derek showed up to do a Paso Doble. The costumes were ... interesting. Mrs. Angrybell wonders when future meant freakshow. Starts off good. Those spins in hold were very nice. Very strong, despite being saddled with a crap song and having to wear those outfits. This should have been the silver bullet in their heart. It was theme that required a lot of gimmicks, but you have to get Len to like it. And they did. And Carrie Ann goes and ruins it. That should have been straight 10s. Instead, its a 29.

Kelly and Louis drew a 60s theme for the jive. Mrs Angrybell likes the outfits. I like the song. Dancing with the doll is a little much. Thanks for throwing it away. She is having a little trouble in open, as usual. The kicks and flicks are not quite right. Segueing in to the sixties moves, she looks good. Little flat, not as bouncy as it should be. She looks a little unsure out there. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks lost at times. So they got a 26.

Donny and Kym doing an 80s style. Is it wrong to say that Donny has more skin pigment than Michael Jackson did? Oops, I just did. Nice Donny, characterize it as Adam Ant. Nice, get the cape work out of the way early. Good song for this. Mrs. Angrybell is frightened by the outfit. His posture is off just a little at times. Oh no, more cape-work. They are in sync on the open. Mrs. Angrybell is stunned by it all (Right Round, Michael Jakcson, Madonna, and the windmachine!) I think Donny loses a little steam on these longer routines. He misses a step, his changes arent as good. He looks timre at the end. Overall, still very good. Love the Len, "Cross between Adam Ant and Adam Carolla". The 24 was ... not right.

Alright, this one pains me. Aaron and Donny both have 50 total points. But really, it looks like this a three tie at the bottom between Aaron, Donny, and Kelly. Donny consistently delivers a better overall routine, I think this week the judges were sending a message about his footwork. Kelly has these frustrating flashes of brilliance and then her fears get in the way. Aaron has been working hard all the way through. So to me, the choice is between sending one of these three home.

Let's get it straight, Joanna and Mya should be coming back next week. They've danced consistently well enough and they deserve your votes. So the question is, who gets the short end of the stick.

To me, its all in who had the less weaker of the two dances. I think that Donny and Kym's dance didn't get the points it should have from the judge. Aaron's first dance was uneven. Kelly's second dance was the same. Whichever you think is the stronger of those two, thats the person who stays.

For me, I think Aaron's time has come and he should go home.

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