Monday, November 09, 2009

I think that Vampires have officially lost their coolness

Alright, let me make this clear. I am not a fan of vampires, except as a target to be killed. I subscribed to the whole Xander theory of dealing with vampires: stakes to the heart.

But usually, you have to give the pointy, bitey ones. They used to have style. Dracula was elegant and suave. When Angel was evil, he was dangerous. He also drove a cool car. And who can forget Spike's car. It was a big, sexy muscle car (sure the blacked out windows was not great but you know).

However, now, ten years later, we have Twilight. And the whole Twilight thing generally makes me sick. Its so saccharine... but I digress. But it seems that in addition to all that, they've decided to fully emasculate the vampire.


Have you not seen those ridiculous Twiglight ads asking what Edward is driving. In case you haven't, apparently, he forgone living the high life, and is instead driving a nice, sensible, and eminently safe Volvo.

Ugh. And to think they used to be so formidable.

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