Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What the hell just happened here? (DWTS Reveal)

The audience, in its infinite wisdom has spoken. The smoking hot model, who has proven that for Dancing With The Stars she can dance, home short of the finals. In her place, the mental daughter of the Prince of Darkness has been voted into the finals next week.


Ok, let's get something straight. Since week 1, I have been a Kelly Osbourne fan. However, as she admits, her own worst enemy is herself. Also, while she has been very good for the show's competition, Joanna Krupa was the better dancer.

I know this is the nature of the show, especially because of the way scoring works. But to send home Joanna in favor of Kelly... when perhaps it should have been Donny who went home.

I have to wonder what Louis thinks of all this. He's had better performing partners in the past who were as good or better dancers, who were not nearly as mentally self-destructive. And he did not make to the finals with any of them.

All I can say is th Kelly has been given a gift by the fans. Now she owes us to not meltdown and turn in the kind of dance we've seen her give us, albeit in brief flashes, throughout the season.

With Joanna out of the way, I find it hard to believe that Mya won't win it all. Donny is leaking oil, and if wasn't for all of Utah voting for him (hey, it is the core of his fanbase!), he probably does not make it into the finals. The real question is whether Dmitri is going to follow the Cheryl example of Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy, of if he is going to do a Cheryl What a Feeling type routine. One is a vanity routine. The other wins competitions.

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