Sunday, November 29, 2009

That's Right, Let's Make The President Special

Ever known a wedding not to attract gate crashers? How about a corporate function with a few folks who've lost their name tags? Annoying, yes. Few bucks lost. Probably. Criminal?

Apparently, a couple decided that they would crash a state dinner at the White House. Why they did it, who knows. They might want to cash in on the fame for having pulled off an audacious gate crashing. They might just have been really big fans of President Obama, but since they don't write checks large enough to the Democratic Party, they weren't on the invite list.

Now, because all they did was shake hands with the president, engage in some chit chat with foreign dignataries, and probably eat drink at the public expense, people are calling for their heads. On the Sunday news shows, Democrat and Republican talking heads provided for your consumption all called for their prosecution, probably for trespass.

Prosecuting them? For real? I mean, don't we have bigger things to talk about? Like, perhaps what we are doing about Health Care? Iran and nuclear weapons? or perhaps unemployment?

Presidential security, in my opinion, is over done these days. We've taken to treating the President like he is somehow irreplaceable. Quite frankly, very few president's in our history have been irreplaceable (in my opinion the list has 2 names on it: Washington and Lincoln).

But, we're going to keep doing this. And the Michaele and Tareq Salahi will probably be prosecuted.

Because that makes so much sense. To arrest and prosecute two people for wanting to meet a celebrity. Ridiculous.

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