Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Finals Reveal Show

So let's start off with this: Samantha Harris is hated no more by the hair department, but she is hated by the wardrobe people. She is a painfully thin woman who has been clothed in a way to make it look like she has no waist and weighs about the same as me. And my BMI is not in the good zone.

Final dances:

Kelly's final Viennese waltz was great. She had a little hesitation right near the end that kept it from being perfect. But marked improvement. If it was a regular round, I could see 9/9/10.

Mya and Dmitri did a jive. Now here's the thing. That jive was much better than their open.

Donny drew the final slow of the night. He and Kym made a second try at the Argentine Tango. Here's hoping that there will be no wardrobe malfunction this time. And to make sure, they cut down on the amount of clothing on Kym. Everything except the end move was good. What is it with everyone this week? Get to the finals and forget to finish?

And the judges rewarded Donny over Mya. How weird. I had it down Donny 1st, Mya 2nd, Kelly 3rd. And they agreed. Whats up with that?

As we're watching the reveal, it looks like Donny is actually nervous and Mya thinks she has it in the bag. Either that or she knows something rest of us don't.

Congrats to Donny and Kym (its been long over due for you Ms. Johnson).

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