Monday, November 16, 2009

Semi Finals Madness (DWTS)

Its triple routine night on Dancing with The Stars. And I have to say, unlike some seasons past, America has actually voted the way it should have, as opposed to voting for the popular person. Makes watching this so much nicer. :)

Donny Osmond and Kym drew lead-off duties tonight. First dance tonight for them is the Tango. This must be interesting for the nice Mormon boy from Utah. He has to make everyone uncomfortable? Mrs. ANgrybell wants to knwo what is up with the gold lame jakcet. Footwork is a little sloppy right now. And the song is not helping them. Had a little trouble with the walks. But nice overall. Problem is, its not enough at this stage. And the look on Donny's face says he knows it. Followed by his scream of anguish. With all the problems, they should be happy with the 21.

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough followed that routine up with a waltz. Alright, they got a better song than Donny did. And she is executing well so far. Nice posture. She is dancing a bit on her toes instead of going back through the heel. It had rise and fall, but not quite right. Crowd loved it, shocker. The 27 was right, it was a good but not perfect routine.

The Princess of Darkness and Louie Van Amstel were up next. Let's see if Kelly Osbourne can hold it together. Her brain is literally her own worst enemy. She has rumba first. Best outfit she's had all season. Good song, but I never considered it a rumba. Little problme getting that hip action going, but she is getting nice quicks and slows. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that Kelly is an every woman (she is a daughter, she has issues, she is not rail thin but not grossly fat. Basically someone people can identify with). Now that is gutsy, a solo. Stumble at the end. Dangerous end. Tricks were nice, but some basic stuff was missing (i.e. lack of hip action). Should be an 8. Carrie Ann was brought to tears. Shocker. Len lends some perspective. Bruno had some interesting things to say, pariticularly when he questioned if she was familiar with eroticism. The 24 was dead on.

Mya and Dmitri. So here is the question, will Dmitri become the anchor or the albatross for her. Mrs. Angrybell thinks Mya is trying to channel Edyta with the leg warmers. Dancing the Waltz for their first routine. Nice dip. She is also up on her toes a bit. But she is throwing in some heel leads. But this looks great. It looks like she is floating. I didn't like that open bit in the waltz. It was like Dmitri was trying to give her a solo in the waltz, which is not appropriate for that dance. She had a bit of an issue in the last combination. Mrs. Angrybell thinks that the lift police might be out. The 28 is a good score. I'm still confused with Carrie Ann's comment about them not being connected.

Donny and Kym are doing a smaba as their second dance. He has more hip action than Kelly did in her ruymba. He is having too much fun out there. Fairly flexible for an old guy. I think he has been waiting to do this since he made his first fumble earlier tonight. This looks clean and it looks like he is right on with everything. Only a slight fumble at the end. Mrs. Angrybell thinks it was OK. 26 was ok as a score. Too bad that Carrie Ann wasn't watching.

Joanna and Derek chose Cha Cha Cha. Again not a good song. Mrs. Angrybell is just happy that Derek is wearing a shirt. Nice hip action. Take that back on the hips, its not consistent. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she is a little sloppy, not finishing her moves. To her, tis the difference between her and Mya. Again, nice but missing something. The 27 was a little generous.

Kelly and Louie doing the jive. Good song but dress is interesting. She had a little hic hup but then did the turns without a hitch. Who is this girl in Kelly's place? She is not always crsip but she is holding it together better than she usually does. Sumble but a recovery. Wow. Louie was just pushing her to the edge with that. Other weeks, with the little hiccups would have resulted in a meltdown. I give it a 9. Too many little problems to get a 10. But it was nice. 27. Mrs. Angrybell tormented me with her control of the tivo remote on that one.

Mya and Dmitri chose to do a Salsa. Why did we have to see Dmitir's chest? Good song for this. It was good. The problem was... it was underwhelming. Not a question of performance. It was the choreography that was lacking. They're going to give it 10s. I would have given it 9s.

So now we come to the knock-out dance. Third time the charm?

Donny and Kym went Jive. Good song. Mrs. Angrybell thought it was ok. For me, it made up for the first one. Mrs. Angrybell thought that the costumes looked like Poison Ivy going to the prom. 27. Not enough for what Donny needs.

Joana and Derek chose the salsa. Thank you Derek for not taking your shirt off. This salsa was better than Mya's. It was fun, flirty, and crisp. They got robbed with those 9s.

Kelly and Louie cha cha chaed out for the their knock out dance. This is a risk, especially since she did well in the first week wit h this. Good song. The skirt is helping to hide her hip movement. Footwork spot on. Did well with it. Mrs. Angrybell loves that Mrs. Osbourne is always in the front row. 27s.

Mya and Dmitri also chose the cha cha cha. Not a great song choice. What else is there to criticize? Mrs. Angrybell has decided that Mya deserves to win. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Carrie Ann. The 10s were a little too much. Mrs. Angrybell thinks they are trying to tip everyone in favor of Mya.

Alright, the weak gazelle of the week is Donny. He is sputtering right now trying to keep up with the multiple dances. He is a great showman, but this week his technique fell apart. I think, in addition to be physically tired, he might be cracking a little under the stress.

On the other hand, Kelly rose to the challenge. She was not perfect, but when things could have gone wrong, she danced on. I was impressed.

As it stands right now, Mya should win. Dmitri is the only thing standing in her way. Is he up to choreographing a free style. Joanna has hung in there. Right now, she needs Mya to stumble and to remember to finish her moves.

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