Monday, November 23, 2009

Finals Madness (DWTS Finals Recap)

I guess since its the final, they gave Samantha Harris a break and let her look good. Either that or someone got fired.

Mrs. Angrybell wants to know what Carrie Ann wearing. "It looks like it has little balls on it."

Kelly draws the lousy spot of going first. Always makes it harder when you become the meter/yard stick. Doing the Argentine Tango. This looks better than the last time she tired this. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she looks quite nice in the outfit. Little stumble, but looking good over all. Thank goodness there is no lift police, I am liking this dance. She is completely in character in this dance, not showing her nervousness. As Mrs. Angrybell says "you can't tell its Kelly this time in the dance." Wasn't flawless, but should be good enough to keep her close enough. Bruno was a little over critical. That 8 was ... not right. What should have been a 27 became a 26.

Mya and Dmitri followed this up. Can someone please explain the eyeblack? Angrybabybelle's Lil'Gramma wants Dmitri to put a shirt on (she phoned us to say that this). Alright, now I understand the eyeblack, but in the Paso? Really? Dmitri, please, go to the gym. Little stumbles right afte rthey came off the risers. Something went wrong with the hand holds there, I am not sure what. Mrs. Angrybell doesn't get this, "She's dressed like a dominatrix, he's dressed like a refugee from Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band playing football on Sunday." I was not blown away by this, so I'm wondering about the judge's effusiveness. Sounds like a perfect score, even though I think it was not fluid all the time. I almost feel like the fix is in. Sure enough, a perfect score.

Donny and Kym come limping in. Why limping? He's had two bad weeks in a row. He's been looking tired. Let's be clear, the only thing that got him to the finals is his fan base. Danny and Kym decided on the Cha cha cha. The beinging is a bit uneven with the between the legs bits. Too much shoulder action, not enough hip action. I think he feels like he is back in the seventies and not on a ballroom competition. Now the hips have come out. He is such a performer. Mrs. Angrybell just had flashbakcs to her father dancing when he and Kym were doing the last few combinations. It was nice, mostly clean, but I wouldn't call it perfect. Mrs. Angrybell thinks there is a bit a crush going on there from Bruno. The nines were right on.

Too bad it looks like the fix is in for Mya, at least with the judges.

Now there is the Mega Mix challenge. So its formation, identical dances. This will be interesting. Mya is a half beat behind everyone. Now she is more than a beat behind them all. Kelly then gets off beat. Now they are all back on the same page. And Kelly looks nervous as she falls behind. The jive is hurting Kelly. But then Mya had problems.

Ok so what does that mean? Mya was off beat in the smooth. But when it shifted to the jive, it was Kelly who fell behind. Donny and Kym on the other hand looked like they were the most consistent. I really think that the judges blew the call on this one. I could see Kelly cominging third. She had trouble on the jive. However, Donny and Kym did the best overall and should have been rewarded for it. Yet, the judges seem to have decided that Mya should win.

Next up: Freestyle time.

Kelly and Louie go first. They drew a good song: I Will Survive. Mrs. Angrybell;'s thought on seeing the outfit" She looks like a space age Rocky." Little of time when she gos in open. Oops, there goes the fall. And then the nice cover by Louis. Nice spin at the end. Lacked a wow factor. This was one fo the first times that Louis has choreographed harder than she could perform, which is unlike him. He pushes to the edge, but usually knows exactly where their line is. Mrs. Angrybell agrees with Carrie Ann. When she talked, I heard the Charlie Brown teacher. Straight 8s is harsh, but she did fall.

My and Dmitri with their "historic" open dance. They say they want to make history. What I am seeing so far is fairly safe, even with the first lift. It almost looks like he is showcasing himself, not her. This is reminding me of the Stacey Keibler open dances from a few seasons ago. Where was the wow? This was like a second rate routine from Hairspray. And then Carrie Ann agrees with me. And Len, plus he says what I forgot to say. We waited for something to happen, but nothing did. Dmitri just left the door wide open for Donny and Kym. Make no mistake. Mya did her part. Dmitri ... just ... I'm not sure what to call it. It's a blown save that's for sure. The straight nines were right, especially since they gave Kelly the 8s.

Donny and Kym with a chance to send this to extra innings. Kym wants to go for Broadway. This might work, because Donny can perform that, better Mya. Hell, Donny's been on Broadway before. Little off time with each other. It was fun. Low on the wow factor. Little rough in a few places. But he made it look better than Dmitri's Hairspray routine. Surprise, surprise, Bruno loved it. Well, I am a little surprised that they got a perfect score. Then again, the other two routines had more problems.

Alright. So who to vote for? My view is this: Donny. Pains me t0 say it in a way. But he should win based on tonight.

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