Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Madness Reveal Show - Yes, More DWTS Thoughts

Dear American Television viewers,

I have one question to ask you. What in the name of all that is good were you thinking this week? I mean really. Your bottom two was Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson. While I am prepared to give you Ms. Doherty (who really, really hurt herself with Monday's performance), what were you all thinking of when it came to Pamela Anderson.

She and her partner (whatever his name is) turned in not one, but two, solid routines. Yes, her first routine was a little on the rough side, but when you compare it to all the others, it was pretty feakin good.

This compared to say... Kate "I'm the victim" Goselin or Aiden "Whiny Baby" Turner...

And then this week, she does a foxtrot where the judges' scores were wrong. Part of this has to do with the ridiculous scoring that they gave to Nicole Scherzinger (I'm sorry, it was good but not that good people.).

People, this was a fun routine that was pretty well executed. Do you want to be left with Erin Andrews, Niecy Nash, and the boobs that pass as most of the men on the cast this season? Hell, at least Ms. Anderson doesn't whine and complain that its too hard every single second. She's kind of interesting.

Of course, you could go on supporting that shrew of a divorcee, Kate Goselin, that whiner who made Edyta cry (which in Mrs. Angrybell's book is inexcusable), Aiden Turner, or that ridiculous Jake Pavelka. Is that who you really want to watch for the second half of the season? Really?

I didn't think so. So please, while you are voting for your favorites, remember to keep Ms. Anderson in mind and throw her one, at least until she starts to not earn that vote.

Thank you,


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