Tuesday, March 02, 2010

So Nice To See We Remember Who Our Friends Are

Apparently, the Obama Administration has dispatched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Argentina. Originally, she was supposed to do a 10 minute meeting. That got expanded when the Argies decided to start laying the ground work for another attempt to grab the Falklands.

One would think that a country that has been our closest ally for the past century would get our support.* The one that backed us, even when everyone else refused.

Oh wait. I forgot who was president.

Yeah, Secretary Clinton stated,
We’re not interested and have no real role in determining what they decide between the two of them. But we do want them talking and we want them trying to resolve the outstanding issues between them. We recognise that these are contentious matters that have to be resolved and we hope that they will do so.
What a ringing endorsement in support of our ally. With friends like us, who needs enemies trying infringe on their sovereignty.

*For those who are historically impaired, that would be the United Kingdom.

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