Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Know I Should Not Say This About Anyone, Even Jimmy Carter But...

Can you please contract some sort of illness which will prevent former President Carter from speaking. Ever. Again?

I mean, it's not enough that he likes to throw around labels like "apartheid state" without any idea what it means. Especially when a person like President Carter is too much of a coward to debate his ideas. But then again, what should we expect from a man who failed to protect American citizens or safeguard sovereign U.S. territory? Well, that's right, we should expect him to decry other nations for protecting their citizens from murderous, terrorist, theocratic thugs.

So what has President Carter done now? He has asked his ideological progeny, that would be President Obama, to take Hamas off the terrorist watch list. I guess the fact that Hamas supports, sponsors, and orders terror attacks on Israel is something that he overlooked when he shook hands with those murderous outlaws.

Someone should take a look at the Carter foundation books a little more carefully. If he is not being paid to shill for the terrorists, then he has joined them.

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