Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mr. Daly: Shut The Hell Up

Mr. Daly,

Please don't take this the wrong way. I love the fact that you have stood up for tenants rights in this city. But by and large, your actions, your policies (other than the aforementioned one), and your means make me think you are nothing more than, and I use a technical term, Douche Bag.

You clearly have no interest left in serving this city of ours. It seems that as you count the days until you are termed out of office, that you are more interested in making it harder, if not impossible for the San Francisco Police Department to evolve as it tries to police this city. It seems that you want to applaud people who assaulted an off-duty guard and handcuffed him to a flagpole, rather than letting the investigative process take place to determine who did what, and if any laws were broken.

Basically, like most days, you are speaking out of your ass. Please shut up and let the grown-ups do their jobs.

I know this will be hard. I mean in just a few months, you will be termed out and no one, except your wife and your kids, will have to pay attention to your antics anymore. And then they can listen to your poor vocabulary, which you cover for by using expletives on a regular basis.

If you had any honor left in you, which I doubt after the sheer number of vitriolic, baseless attacks that you have lobbed during your years in San Francisco government, you would resign and go live in the suburbs. There, you can alternatively ignore the problems of San Franciscans and propose unworkable/unfeasible solutions while pontificating on human rights, without my taxes going to pay for your pied-à-terre. And you could let us try and elect someone interested in solving the problems the city faces, rather than advancing himself.



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