Monday, March 29, 2010

Second Week of the Madness

And apparently I need to throw up more pictures of Edyta. It seems like people like looking at her. I wonder why. But since too much of a good thing is no good, I give you Cheryl's lovely smile tonight:
Mrs. Angrybell's initial observation: they dress Brooke Burke way sexier than Samantha Harris. I'm not complaining.

Shannen and Mark drew the lead-off spot with a jive. They drew a good song, but I don';t liek the way the band did it. Shannen looked a little off. She looks a little scared. Mrs. Angrybell thinks she is all over the place. She is also off time with her partner, whiel she is in hold. This is just not good. She has some nice hip movement... too bad this is not a cha cha cha. This is going to be a brutal review by the judges. The longer this one goes on, the more it looks like a Kenny Mayne routine. Wow, what is Len wearing? I know he is British, but ... really? Can someone tell me what dance they were watching? Did they not notice how bad it was? How off beat she was at times? The fix is in this week. This got a 20? What the frak were they thinking. This was a mess and should have been a 15, at best.

Aiden and Edyta drew the foxtrot. Mrs. Angrybell and I agree: Aiden is such a baby. Grow a pair. Edyta, I'm so sorry that they keep sticking you with such losers. And once the dance started, Edyta looks great, even though she has more than a handkerchief on. Mrs. Angrybell now refers to Aiden as a pansy scumbag. Edyta looks like she is doing her best to cover up for him. Aiden has some nice parts to the dance. He misses the foxtrot motion at times, but I';m so pisssed at him, I want him gone. You don't want to know what Mrs.Angrybell wants to have happen to him. The 19.. whatever. He deserves a 10 point deduction for being a pansy.

Evan and Anna danced the jive next. Good outfits for them. Needs to be a little more bouncier, but not much. Anna got the good draw this time. Mrs. Angrybell thinks he is the one to beat since he has no fear at being technical and being a showman. I think she is right, there just seemed like little points where routine looked flat. I'm not sure who's fault that is. I tend to think its Anna. 24 was fair score for that routine. I'd say more, but what else is there to say about it.

Now comes the woman with some Jelly and the short genius: Niecy and Louis. How sad is it that Niecy is more of a man than Aiden. Alright, she's got the funk looking ballroom dress with the frills at the end. But she rocks it. And she looks great doing it. She's got some good footwork doing on here. And she is enjoying herself out there. I was totally not expecting this routine from her after last week. Right now, this is the most improved dancer for me from last week. And Len agrees. Of course, the lift nazi reared her head. But the scores, 21, was not reflective of this. There should have been at least one 8.

Chelsea and Jake go to follow up that. Jake ... is kind of a whiner. He needs to shut up and just do what the professional tells him what to do. Good song. Good outift considering the song. He was a little flat footed int eh start, but when he went to the kicks and flicks it started to look better. His footwork on the travelling in hold steps (forget the name) was a little slow and off. He definitely found the square part of the song. Of course, Len is going to dock something for that futzing around at the beginning of the routine. Carrie Ann is obsessed with the lifts and the Lift Nazi is out in force tonight. 20 was ok. I had mixed feelings so I guess I can't criticize them too much.

Buzz and Ashley doing the foxtrot. Good song for him. Too bad he is so stiff. He is trying. I can't criticize. 4's? Really? They gave that disaster from Shannen a 15 and it wasn't nearly as horrific.

Nicole and Derek danced a jive next. Oh dear, Len is not going to like the intro. This is not a good song for a jive. I now see what her concern in the opening montage was. Still she seems to be carrying off her end well. Mrs. Angrybell points out that she was pretty flat, which she was, but some of the steps in the routine called for her to not be bouncy like in most jive routines. It was an uneven dance, and I have to put it down to Derek miscalculating the routine. But this all goes back to the song for me. And that, to me, is surprising. I am with Len. I'm not sure where Bruno and Carrie Ann are coming for. This was not perfection. Are Carrie Ann and Bruno on crack? 10's? WTF?!?!?!?!?!? The 8 was closer to the right score.

Maksim and Erin followed that up with a foxtrot. Not a good dress, though it does show off her boobs. Mrs. Angrybell says "It could be worse". He has her doing the splits, which surprised her so much that she can't go right into the next combination. Fortuantley, she is in hold most of the time, which helps her a lot because this must be way out of her comfort zone. I'm not a fan of this routine, but she did it well. I love how Len called out the prima donnas this season. The 23 was a little high. I'd have given it some 7s.

Pamela Anderson and the guy whose name I cannot remember also danced a foxtrot. Good song and great costume for her. That will be worth a lot of votes. Took a little too long to get into the dance proper. She looks good, not perfect but this is not easy for new dancers. Mrs. Angrybell said "I didn't thinks she'd be this good. That sexy girl can dance." And Len said "titivating" not "titilating". Now, how did this get 22 when... argh....

Chad and Cheryl tried their hand at being elegant and graceful. At least one of them was more successful than the other. I hate this song. Mrs. Angrybell heard the opening bars and said "I hate this song so much." This dance is not good for him. He is on his toes too much. He is hesitant. He doesn't look comfortable out there in the first half. He is trying so hard to look refined that he has forgotten his feet. And for once Carrie Anne says something helpful.

Kate Gosselin and the Cougar Magnet drew the jive. Kate seems like a whiner. She managed to make Tony question himself. This woman is world-class when it comes to that it looks. Mrs. Angrybell wonders "How hard it must be to be her. Men are just always abandoning you. Boo hoo." Yeah, it was bad of Tony to do that. But still, she needs to put on her big girl panties. Mrs. Angrybell, even before the routine is done, is rooting for a double elimination: Kate and Aiden. Good son for them. Kate, however... makes Buzz looks musical. She lost the routine. She is a deer in headlights. Wow, this is a train wreck and I'm just hoping that Tony can jump off. I'm watching this and wishing I could read lips. I almost felt like Tony changed the routing on the fly to make it very basic in the second half. Bruno, that was not your nightmare: it was Tony's. Did Carrie Anne really have to pull the lift card when the routine was that much of a disaster? Len complete's the review with a little pick-me-up speech. How did they give that 5's when Buzz's routine was better than that mess.

Who should go home: Kate. She is a mess out there and it would be a mitzvah to put her and Tony out of their misery.

Who is on top: Nicole and Evan.

Who deserves to be on top: Evan and Pamela.

Nicole got the benefit of some dubious calls, mostly because I think Bruno and Carrie like to reward fluff. This is not to say that Nicole is not good. She is. With a better song, she might have actually deserved that.

Who is hearing footsteps: has to be Aiden. I can't believe that his shenanigans this week went over well with his base, especially because they were the same people who grew to love Edyta when she had Cameron Mathison as a partner.

Ahh hell, let's leave you with a better look of Edyta to cleanse the palate.

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