Monday, February 13, 2006

Just a little thinking about my past clients

I am a baseball fan, which means I like statistics. Not terribly complicated ones. Simple things like batting averages, on base percentages and things like that.

With this in mind, I started thinking about my own clients over the past couple of years (not including the ones I had while I was working for the dark side). Why was I bothering to break that down? Well yesterday I was talking to someone who is going to be putting together a website for my new office. And he wanted to know, who I wanted it directed towards. The answer I gave him was too ... non-specific for him so he asked me what my previous clients had been.

In all, I have had 20 clients that I have helped through one thing or another. Of those twenty, 15% of them have been transgendered, 15% of them have had terminal illnesses, 10% of them suffer from serious PTSD, and another 15% of them have had serious peronality disorder problems.

When he heard about that, he suggested that I should advertise myself as "Angry Bell, the lawyer for crazies." Not helpful, but an idea. And not one my mother would like.

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