Friday, February 24, 2006

Sitting here in my office

So this afternoon I rolled into my office in the afternoon after picking up some envelopes. That's right, my day is muy exciting.

In short, my referral client failed. She really had no other options open to her in her situation and I gave her the information that she needed to hear. After taking it all in, plus my recommendation that it would be fiscally better for her to not hire me, she decided not to retain my services. So with my new envelopes I sent her a letter confirming that she had not hired me but reminding her that if she needed help in the future to give me a call.

I tried working on my gender bending pro bono case but since none of the information has come in yet, all I could do was send her a letter asking the client to fill out some forms that would be needed. Not that I believe the client will be accurate, seeing as how in course of the initial interivew I caught them in a lie. Even caught, they maintained despite my subtle hints to the effect that I knew and that lying about it was not only pointless, it would not, could not help them in this situation.

So while trying to read the unisured motorist practice guide that is in the library here in teh suite I sublet my office in, I ended up watching the free episode of Conviction which I downloaded earlier this week. It has some promise, though I wish they had not taken the course they took with murdering an ADA. I know it is a series premier, but a DA getting murdered does not happen all that often (and at least through 2001, when I last checked the stats, had not happened). Though I wonder what bureau they are assigned.

Alright, back to worrying.

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