Friday, February 03, 2006

Let Met Make Something Clear

I am a Giants fan. No, not that New York team that plays football and could not be bothered to be original and come up with a name of their own. I mean the San Francisco Giants. The team that was home to Mays, Marichal, and McCovey.

I went to my first game during its darkest times (1985) and I have followed their games from up to 10 time zones away. For me life all but ends when the season is over and begins anew when pitchers and catcher report.

However, I refuse, refuse, refuse to call that beautiful ballpark ATT. At least when the corporate rights were held by Pacific Bell, it almost sounded non-coporate. I could even remember misspelling it at one point as Pacific Belle Park.

But this ATT name is foreign, alien and just awful. Like they need another facility with their name on it. Its back to calling it Candlestick (I know, thats another sore spot.)

Rant over. Now back to work.

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