Wednesday, January 20, 2010

365 Days Later

And what has he Obama Administration accomplished or not this year?

Well, as far as I can tell, the only thing that the Obama Administration has accomplished, domestically, is the passage of what is commonly known as the "Obama Plan" for people in danger of being foreclosed upon. The concensus at this point is that has been a pretty much a failure.

In foreign policy terms, the Obama administration has managed to abandon the countries of Eastern Europe (including Poland and the Ukraine) to Russian. He has also managed to put the U.S. on the same side as Venezuela on some issues, most notably what happened in Honduras.

Apparently, I forgot about that organic garden at the White House and the non-binding agreement thing on greenhouse gases.

What has he failed to do:
End the war in Iraq: We still have troops in Iraq (thankfully). And Iraq has not fallen into chaos (thankfully).

Focus on the war in Afghnistan: We still have troops in Afghanistan (again, thankfully). And its still a mess there.

Close the prison at Guantanamo Bay: Guantanamo is still in operation.

Fix the economy. Nope still a mess.

Healthcare reform: Hopelessly stalled (even before Obama lost the supermajority).

Somehow this guy could not get his agenda put into action with 60 votes in the Senate and 265 votes (out of 435) in the House of Representatives. That would be a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate until today, and a majority of 78 in the House of Representatives.

And he could not get anything done?


This is the best that the Democratic party could do with all that power?

Can someone really argue that these guys are not just a bunch of chumps and losers? I mean really. If this were the NHL, the GOP managed to kill an almost period long power play where they had two guys in the penalty box and held the Democrats to one shot on goal.


And for all this President Obama says he would give his first year in office a B+. More like an F.

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