Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Is This Prosecutor Thinking

Assistant District Attorney Daryl Reed is prosecuting a case of prostitution that seems to have spun a bit out of control for him. Mr. Reed is the ADA from the New York District Attorney's office who is prosecuting one of the prostitution cases coming out Big Daddy Lou's Hot Lap Dance Club arrests (which happened in 2008). NYPD ran undercover officers in the club to investigate charges of prostitution. (I'm wondering if it was hard to get volunteers for that one.)

Apparently, they found enough to make their case as they raided the establishing in 2008. According to people who were there, the NYPD raided the place in full riot gear with weapons drawn. Among the 26 people arrested was porn star Alexia Moore and Swedish model Sabrina Mari (who oddly enough does not list Big Daddy Lou's as a client).

Alexia Moore has been charged with prostitution. Apparently she and another dancer propositioned one of the undercover officers, offering a menage a trois for $5,000.

Now the other dancer, Falynn Rodriguez (she on the right without the blackberry in the picture), has already had the charges against her dismissed. However, Ms. Moore still faces charges. Mr. Reed, who seems very intent on getting a conviction, has gone the extra mile to ensure her conviction.

He has alleged to the court that because Ms. Alexia does a lot of sapphic themed (or as some might say "girl on girl") porn that she should not allowed to claim a "lesbian defense". According to the report, he noticed her ... work choices, after reviewing her films (again, I wonder how hard it was to get a volunteer to do that research for him.).

So my question is, when did being a lesbian mean that a woman can't be a prostitute with male clients? Seems like he should be working on making sure he has the testimony and evidence necessary to make his case, rather than focusing on who she does and does not sleep with when she is not on the clock.

Oops, too late. It just came out that Ms. Moore was found not guilty in her trial today.

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