Friday, January 01, 2010

A Moment of True Geekiness

Alright, a little background. When I was young and not so angrybell, my favorite afternoon cartoon (as opposed to Saturday morning cartoon) was Star Blazers. This was one of the early Japanese cartoon (alright, I know anime, but I never called it that. Too high falutin for me) imports (I think that G-Force was the first, but don't quote me on that). Of course, I had really, really lousy luck and it literally took my 2 decades to see the final episode of the American. But no matter, I still think its awesome.

So now the Japanese are making it into a live-action movie. I don't understand a lick of Japanese, but the images look like they have been uber-faithful to the original! Wow!

Now if only American adaptions of other cartoons/comics would be as faithful.

H/T to for putting this one up.


Colby said...

Note to MrsAngryBell: Wow. Just wow. At least he admits it! :-)

AngryBell said...

Always have. Even tried to get her to watch the original series when I found it on Netflix. It was then that I finally learned what happend to Derek Wildstar, Sergeant Major Knox, and the rest of the crew of the Argo. :)