Friday, January 22, 2010

This will be a field day for the conspiracy theorists and the Jihadis

I was reading over at Elder of Zion about criticism that the Israeli relief mission to Haiti has been getting. In case you did not see it, just after the quake, Israel dispatched a relief force composed rescue units and medical teams to Haiti to help. The Israeli hospital unit, in particular, has been getting some really good press for the work that they have been doing. According to some accounts, they seem to be the only government dispatched field hospital to have their act together (then again, I suppose it helps that they don't have USAID telling the US Army that they aren't allowed to give out food to starving people).

Anyways, there has been debate about whether or not this is just a propoganda ploy by the Israelis. Some wingnuts have gone further, creating a modern blood libel charge (specifically that Israel is only there to harvest organs). Personally, I think its one of those great moments where doing the right thing allows you to get the good publicity.

So today I was a bit flabbergasted to see what the UN requested of Israel. They asked for armed police officers from Israel to help patrol Haiti to keep the violence and looting in check.

Man, this is going to be like manna from heaven for the wingnuts who believe that the Jews are trying to dominate the word. They're going to point to this and say "see, now you see the Jews are being overt in their world domination!"

Oy gevalt. The things that some people will believe when they are so desperate to believe anything. So I leave you all with this for now:

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