Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can You Say Spineless?

I mean seriously, how did we ever elect these bozos. First, we elect President Obama. Simultaneously we give him super-majority in Senate and a more than clear majority in the House of Representatives. The expectation is that they do something to solve the problems that were neglected or caused by eight years of President Bush's administration.

In just over a year, the Democrat controlled congress has managed to accomplish....I think that the term is bubkiss. To say they are failing, in my opinion, is an understatement.

Then comes today's news: the Democrats are pulling back on healthcare reform.

Really? They have two ways to get the bill passed, and with large majorities in both houses of Congress they can't possibly get anything done? Wow, the leadership of the country and Democratic party is truly spineless.

Then again, this is the party that once upon a time put up George B. McClellan as their candidate for president. Apparently, the modern Democratic party has decided to emulate the old master of the slows. They couldn't emulate Harry Truman? Or perhaps FDR? Or perhaps someone who got something done?

The Democratic party is a waste of time and resources. They are just a coalition of special interest which just can't seem to agree to move forward with something in the hopes that something perfect will come tomorrow.

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Colby said...

I am economically conservative and socially liberal. Even in SF, the first part was still blasphemy. I have to say a nice part about Vegas is that there are more people who think like you - like us.