Friday, January 29, 2010

Are My References That Obscure?

Granted, I was using a legal-esque pop culture reference. But then again, I was making it to another attorney. It all started as we were preparing for an upcoming trial, trying to agree on the order that we would have the witnesses testify. Finally we came to a witness I'll call Jack. And here's what follows:

Angrybell: So this witness Jack, ...

Co-Counsel: He's a terrible witness. His memory is awful.

AB: So will he remember what he heard?

CC: He'll be lucky to remember his name. He's not going to remember anything.

AB: But we'll keep him on the witness list.

CC: Definitely. He told our client's he heard everything. Maybe the other side will think that his memory is better than it is.

AB: So he's our Airman O'Malley witness. Cool.

CC: Airman O'Malley? What?

AB: Airman O'Malley and Airman Perez... you know ...

CC: Is this another of your pop-culture references?

AB: It's from A Few Good Men....

CC: Never seen it.

And in my head I've got Shawn Spencer saying "These are classic references I'm making here". Alright, maybe not for everyone but for lawyers... C'mon.

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Colby said...

I'm not a lawyer, and I was totally with you on Airman OMalley. He was a bluff. He was going to testify there was no flight. And Shawn Spencer, too. Nicely done.