Thursday, January 14, 2010

If this is how he's got your back...

It might be better to not have someone have your back.

Comcast's ad campaign cheerfully reminds you when you call their 800 number that "Shaq's got your back."

I guess in their lexicon, it means that they will fail to properly install your cable. That when you call them for service, they will tell you that the only possible way for the problem to be resolved is to send someone out there. And when they do send someone out, they call a few minutes in advance to say that they are not going to do the job because "it's not what they do".

Then when I call their 800 line, they inform you that, without giving you any notice, they have changed your appointment. Leaving you to pay for cable when you have not been getting what you are supposed to be getting.

Apparently "having your back" also means transferring the call to an office that is closed and has not voicemail system. It also means that once you navigate the labyrinthine phone system, you get someone with no authority to do anything. Who has to escalate the problem to someone else who finally starts to admit that "maybe something has gone wrong here."

That person then promises to have the problem corrected by dispatching technicians during a 2 hour window the next day. Technicians who do not show up.

Which means another call to Comcast, where Shaq informs you that "they have your back". Which leads to a conversation with another first line operator who has no authority. Who informs you that he will terminate the call for hostility.

At this point, hostility is not even close to what I feel towards them.

So Shaq's people came out. And have one of the tv's operational. But the first one is still operational. 1 for 2 is a great day in baseball. This ain't baseball. I guess I get to deal with this mother frakers again.

Its times like this that its a good thing I don't have a firearm.

Seriously, how hard is it to do the job right?


Colby said...

I hate Comcast. Best part of my move is now I don't have to deal with them anymore. You are totally describing my sitch when I moved into my condo in Walnut Creek. It was weeks before it was resolved. Aren't we supposed to be hostile to phone operators when that happens?

Anonymous said...

The "Shaq's Got Your Back commercial" where Shaq helps the white teen kid to score with his girlfriend? The worst. The final scene has Shaq leering obscenely while standing just behind the--what, 14 year old?--white girlfriend. Jesus Hisself Christ. Just another instance of marketing people emasculating/dominating white people in order to get their money.

While most white people don't know why they're watching, it's because they are trained by the media to be sexually emasculated or dominated and pay for it.

Understand the subtext, understand life. And if your are Caucasian I suggest that you make the choice to not get played by anyone.