Saturday, April 08, 2006

Apparently Love Stories

... are banned at Massachusetts State Correctional facilities.

Alright, thats unfair, but apparently some are too graphic. Like Brokeback Mountain.

Apparently, the guard in charge of movies at the prison is in trouble for showing to the population.

Ace of Spades, whose site I spotted this, had this to say:

"The film, for reasons I cannot fathom, was deemed "inappropriate" for a population of caged sodomaniacal felons.
The prison is also investigating the propriety of displaying certain other films, such as Howard Hawks' 1935 classic, How To Make A Shiv And Gut The Guard That Always Hassels You In The Yard, Ron Howard's 1991 box-office bomb Smuggling Cigarettes And Methamphetamines In Your Girlfriend's Ass, and the Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler romantic comedy Tossed Salads.
They expressed "no problems," however, with the cop-buddy film Rimjob, starring Martin Lawrence and Nick Cage.*
* Blame LauraW for that. She's just filthy."

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