Monday, April 24, 2006

Coward of the Weekend

It was a tough call on this one, but I decided that the idiot award of the weekend should go to the umpiring crew at the Giants-Rockies game. However, Mr. Mesa showed what a true coward he was by throwing at the head of Omar Vizquel of the Giants over some comments that Vizquel made about him after the 1997 World Series. So what makes Mr. Mesa's act so cowardly? He is a relief pitcher, and a late inning one at that. This means he almost never gets to take an at bat and have to face the retribution for throwing at a batter. If he was a man, he would have taken it up with Vizquel face to face. However, Mr. Mesa, proved once again, as he did back in the 1997 World Series when he blew the save in game 7 against the Marlins, that he just is not the man his mouth wishes he was.

Now if Bud Selig was a quarter of the man Judge Kennesaw Landis was, he would suspend this coward and leave the umpiring crew and Giants' starter Matt Morris alone. Unfortunately for baseball fans, Landis is in the grave and Selig is still the commissioner.

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