Thursday, April 06, 2006

Disturbing things

Apparently schools are now punishing students for hugging.

Not for fighting. Not for having drugs or sex at school. But for hugging.

And the culprit? A 5 year old. This is nuts.

When confronted about punishing her, the principal started to blame the other half of the hug. The 5 year old's friend.

Of course, as disturbing was the fact I got desperate for a new book to read. So I borrowed my fiancee's copy of the Da Vinci Code. Less than 13 pages in, and the main character has already had the thought "How coincidental that this is all happening on my one trip to Europe?" Please, it works in Kim Possible when Ron says that sort of stuff. Not in what is supposed to be the "best" thriller of the last few years.

Now if Clancy would only start a new universe to get out of the corner he has written himself into ... the escapist fiction would improve. (Or if any of my other authors would start cranking out manuscripts again!!!!)

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