Friday, April 07, 2006

New areas

Back in law school, I took a number of courses, including those on labor law and employmenbt law. I took them because they were interesting and the professor was a good teacher.

However, since law school (all of five years ago), I have not touched an employment matter. Starting this week, though, I've become involved in a wage dispute matter. Our client just flat out did not get paid.

So in addition to the complaint before the superior court, we are also taking this to an administrative hearing before the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, which is part of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

Now, while I do not advocate people trying to represent themselves, and I am certainly not giving out any legal advice or creating a legal representation (sometimes I just feel like I have to cover myself), for those who feel they just have to do it without a lawyer and they believe they have a wage dispute, the site to check out is here.

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