Monday, April 10, 2006

I must be in a weird mood today...

I am agreeing with Arnold Schwartzenegger. Well not entirely, but I am mostly. Yes, we should keep a better watch on our borders. But what we really need to do is to come up with a system of allowing immigrants to work here that will convince them its easier, cheaper, and better to use rather than the coyotes that smuggle them over the borders. Besides, deporting 11 million people for the simple fact that they were not lucky enough to be born here and that they want a better life is just wrong.

Then there is the John Fund editorial that worries that the Republicans are in danger of being on the losing of a 1994-style mid-term election. Now, while I would heartily welcome a brake on the current administration policies (and some abuses of powers), I just do not see this happening. Why? Because at the end, the Republicans are going to wave the bloody shirt and win enough seats to keep majority in both houses.

Why? Because unlike 1994, the Democrats are for the most part coming out and saying what they are against. What they are not doing, at least in my opinion, is showing how they can offer a better future. As much as I dislike the current Republican Party, which really dates back to that 1994 election, that is what they are good at doing. Take for example the 1994 election. They came out with the "Contract with America". Brilliant. It showed the voters exactly what they were standing for. It told them where they wanted to go. It stated their goals. The Democrats, again this is my opinion, just keep banging the same drum "Bush is bad. Bush lied." That does not make me want to vote for you. It makes me not want the other guy to win.

If the Republicans can come up with a cohesive plan, why not the Democrats? Why should we not expect it of them? Simply defending what was acheived, or not, under the last Democratic administration is silly. The whole idea is to move forward. And that is something that I just do not hear most of the Democratic Party talking about at the national level.

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