Friday, April 28, 2006

Be Careful What You Blog

District Attorney offices apepar to have programs where they allow firms to provide them with temporary attorneys. I know that the Marin County DA does this with one of the bigger firms in San Francisco, but apparently the San Francisco DA does this as well.

Unfortunately, sometimes, this ends up putting the attorney who switches over to criminal law in some trouble. And sometimes, the lawyer does it all to himself. Skelly Wright, over at Arbitrary and Capricious, is a public defender who has been keeping tabs on one of these lawyers in particular.

Apparenly, Kuo blogged his case on his website (apparently down at this time). Unfortunately, as part of the recap of the days events, he made a number of less than advisable comments about the jury, the opposing counsel and the judge. And apparently the judge reads law blogs.

Incidentally, his name is not up on the firm site where he works (or is it worked?). So beware what you blog I suppose.

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