Monday, April 24, 2006


So this morning as I was on my way to an appointment, I was listening to the local alternative station (Live 105) and their new morning show. One of the stories that they did just before 7 a.m. dealt with an apparently request for a temprorary restraining order by WalMart against a man who has been campaigning against them by selling his t-shirts on (If you want to visit his sites, they are here and here.)

After bashing WalMart, two of the three morning show personalities went on to say how they shopped at WalMart, even though they hated it. If you are going to be against something, be against it. Don't be a hypocrite and rail against it because its the proper liberal/progressive thing to do.


Anonymous said...


you're a lawyer, and i know you must deal with frivolous lawsuits on a daily basis, but why subject us all with such a FRIVOLOUS blog post!?

this is arguably the most petty and inane rambling i've ever seen on-line.

about as exciting and riveting as coming over to your house and watching home video's of your 1988 summer vacation to Chico.

in Layman's terms... who the fuck cares!

SethWills said...

I heard that segment and didn't get the same impression. I felt that they were playing the middle on the subject.
You seem to be very black and white, hot and cold, big and small in your assessment of what you heard.
I didn't think twice about until I saw your blog entry. So at least there's that. You got my attention.